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See information on the newest Amino Acid Analyzer on the market -  the ideal replacement for the Beckman 6300     

Icon Scientific is proud to  be the exclusive distributor in the United States for the Knauer range of products including HPLC, SMB, Osmometers and the latest addition to the product range - the new A200 Amino Acid Analyzer.   


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Icon Scientific is introducing exciting new products, check back for details. 


Smartline 1000 pump

Smartline Detectors
Preparative Pump  K-1800


Analytical - up to 10 ml/min
Semi-Prep - up to 50ml/min
Preparative - up to 1 liter/min

electronic pulsation suppression   

Analytical Pumps
Refractive Index detectors


Fiber Optic - remote sensing
    UV / Vis -  scanning or fixed wavelength options 

RI,  Fluorescence,  Conductivity,  Amperometric
 LinXX Radiodetector

      No Chromophore, no problem!   
-  RI, ELSD, Unimas

Amino Acid Analyzer

Worlds smallest HPLC


      KNAUER  -- Analytical and Preparative Scale

Amino Acid Analyzer  -- Microbore design for lower
 solvent use

SMB --  Bench top and Pilot Scale 

CHANCE -- Smallest HPLC System in the world


Simulated Moving Bed
           AND COMING SOON.....

            BioLinXX - Biopurification Systems
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