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                   A200 - Amino Acid Analyzer

The newest amino acid analyzer on the market, featuring a narrow bore column for reduced reagent consumption.

The A200 Amino Acid Analyzer is a dedicated, compact, and complete analysis system, specialized for the routine analysis of amino acids by postcolumn derivatization with ninhydrin. The integrated unit consists of specially developed components to provide the user with the most optimized system on the market.


The elution buffer system consists of six nontoxic ready-prepared buffers, compatible for both hydrolysis and physiological analyses. These buffers are easily accessible through their arrangement in an eluent carousel in the upper compartment. Rather than refilling buffer bottles and risking contamination, the buffer bottles can be simply replaced when necessary. A liquid level alarm ensures that sufficient buffer is always available during an analysis.

The eluent carousel holds all six eluent buffers (buffers A through F) as well as the ninhydrin reagent and the reactor wash solution. The eluents are electronically selected by six single solenoid valves which can also support gradient elution. The dual piston pump draws in the eluent and reagent simultaneously through its ceramic double pump head. Thereby ensuring an optimal and constant mixing proportion of buffer to reagent in the reactor.

Base line disturbances are minimized by the inclusion of a precolumn which effectively removes interfering ammonia. Once through the separation column, the separated amino acids are mixed with the ninhydrin reagent inside the high temperature reactor to yield colored complexes. They are then detected in the flow photometer at 570 nm and at 440 nm in a second photometer. The column temperature is accurately controlled by a high-quality Peltier heating element to provide for the highest possible reproducibility.

The automated sample injection system can maintain up to 120 samples in a cooled environment so that sensitive samples can be used over an extended period of time. The injection volume can be adjusted in 1 l increments from 1 to 40 l.

The narrow bore stainless steel column and precolumn have a service life of approximately 1,000 samples, dependent on the sample matrix. With these columns, a complete separation of the 43 amino acids of the physiological standard can be separated in less than 95 minutes. Depending on the analysis, a temperature gradient can be programmed for the separation column within the range of 20C and 100C. Complete computer control and data analysis are performed using ChromGate Software.

New control and analysis software make setup and running very user friendly.

Graphical Representation of a Method:


Loading the Autosampler


Here is some summary information in the form of a 2 page brochure in pdf format.

Amino Acid Analyzer Summary 

Here is some applications information in the form of a 9 page brochure in pdf format.

Amino Acid Analyzer Application Notes 


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