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WellChrom Differential Refractometer
 (RI Detector)

Differential Refractometers are suitable for detecting compounds without UV or visible chromophores. This detector is ideal for sugars and polymers. The detector will work with any substance that causes a change in the refractive index of the solution.

Specifications  K-2301 - Analytical  


950 30 nm

Range 1 x 10-3  Dn
Noise 4 x 10-8  Dn
Sensitivity < 8 x 10-8  Dn
Cell Angle and Volume 45, 9l
Max. Flow Range 5 ml/min

Specifications  K-2401 - Preparative  


950 30 nm

Range 2 x 10-3  Dn
Noise 4 x 10-7  Dn
Sensitivity < 8 x 10-7  Dn
Cell Angle and Volume 15, 12l
Max. Flow Range 99 ml/min

Ordering Information

Order No. Article


Differential Refractometer K-2301, analytical, flow cell A0294 and accessories included


Differential Refractometer K-2401, preparative, flow cell A0287 and accessories included

Spare Parts and Accessories

Order No. Article


Flow Cell,    45, 9l

Flow Cell,   15, 12l  sensitivity reduced by factor of 3 

A0277 Gasket for flow cell A0294 and A0287