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WellChrom Spectro - Photometer K - 2501

The WellChrom Spectro Photometer K-2501 is equipped with a polychromator which is positioned with high precision mechanics for selection of the detection wavelength. It allows reproducible measurements in the whole wavelength range. Time-programmed wavelength switch can be performed during data acquisition so that the best wavelength for every peak can be chosen.

Additionally, stopped flow spectra scan is supported. This is a valuable feature during method development. The K-2501 is a versatile yet robust, modestly priced, high performance detector that meets most requirements in UV-detection.


UV detection with interchangeable flow cells for:

Micro HPLC
Analytical HPLC
Preparative HPLC
Wavelength Range

190 - 740 nm Improved band width < 8 nm Edge filter ( 2nd order) 370 nm

Light Source Deuterium lamp (stanard), Tungsten - Halogen lamp (optional)
Wavelength Accuracy 2 nm
Band Width 8 nm
Time Constants 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0 / 5.0 / 10.0 s
Integrator Output 1 V
Digital Data Output RS232 interface
Noise < 1 x 10-5 AU at 240 nm, 1 s
Sensitivity 2 x 10-5 AU at 240 nm, 1 s
Baseline Drift < 15 x 10-5 AU / h
Dimensions and Weight 106 x 185 x 340 mm (W x H x D) 4 kg
GLP Support Detailed reports with lamp operation time, number of lamp ignitions, and further service information.
Various Storage of up to 20 different programs

Ordering Information

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Spectro - Photometer K - 2501 without flow cell, inclusive accessories

Knauer recommends flow cell A4061. Other flow cells are available.