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Smartline Detector 2500
The Smartline UV Detector 2500 is a newly developed HPLC spectrophotometer for routine laboratory work.   A5140 - Smartline UV Detector 2500
It combines the attractive and functional KNAUER Smartline design with our effective photometric detection system. Besides its excellent measuring capabilities this UV detector features small dimensions, robustness, and high flexibility. The detector guarantees optimal performance with high sensitivity, wavelength selectable at any time, and the possibility for "stop-flow" spectra recording which is very useful for method development. The Smartline UV Detector 2500 can be controlled with KNAUER ChromGate® or EuroChrom® software, from the front panel touchpad (stand-alone operation), through an analog input or output, or through an open communication protocol.
Wavelength Range
190-740 nm, cutoff filter (2nd order) 370 nm
Light Source Important Note:
Version with detached flow cell with fiber optics is optionally available (order no. A5141).
Deuterium; tungsten halogen is optional
Bandwidth / Wavelength Accuracy
Δ λ ≤ 8 nm / ± 2 nm
Noise / Drift (ASTM E1657-94)
< 1x10-5 AU / < 1.5x10-4 AU/h
Spectral Scan
< 2 x 10-5 AU at 240 nm, 1.0 s
Time Constants
0.1/0.2/0.5/1.0/2.0/5.0/10.0 s
Analog Output (Integrator)
±1 V (scalable in 16 increments from 10-4 to 10 AU)
Analog Input (wavelength control)
10 mV/nm (0 to 10 V)
Control: RS-232, remote control strip, touchpad; GLP Report: e.g. total lamp operation time, lamp ignitions; Wavelength Verification: holmium oxide filter cell; Display: LCD, 2 lines, 24 characters each; Universal Power Supply: 90-260 V, 47-63 Hz
Dimensions / Weight
226 x 135 x 390 mm (W x H x D) / 6.0 kg
Technical data is subject to change without notice

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Smartline UV Detector 2500
standard version with accessories, flow cell excluded
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