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Smartline Pump 1000

New Smartline pump for analytical applications. Its 10 ml pump head is equipped with biocompatible titanium inlays and guarantees for high precision solvent supply.   A50301 - Smartline Pump 1000
The Smartline Pump 1000 offers many valuable features. The new, optimized drive mechanism guarantees reliability and a long lifespan; our improved pump heads are optionally equipped with either stainless steel or titanium inlays (more options upon request). The pump offers a very low residual pulsation and exceptional flow rate accuracy and precision.
The KNAUER Smartline Pump 1000 can be supplemented with the Smartline Manager 5000's low pressure gradient module to achieve a quaternary low pressure gradient system. The addition of another Smartline Pump 1000 enables a high pressure gradient system (maximal quaternary). Eight programmable event outputs can be used for extensive switching tasks. Due to the outstanding flow consistency, high working pressure, complete biocompatibility, and enormous versatility, this pump is also very suitable for tasks outside the range of HPLC.


Delivery System
Double piston pump (one working piston, one auxiliary) with electronic residual pulsation absorption.
Maximum Delivery Pressure
400 bar
Flow Range
0.001 to 9.999 ml/min
Flow Rate Accuracy
≤ 0.5%, measured at 1 ml/min
Flow Rate Precision
RSD ≤ 0.1%, measured at 1 ml/min
System Protection
Soft start, Pmin and Pmax are programmable.
RS-232, remote control strip, touchpad, as well as EuroChrom® or ChromGate® HPLC software
20 programs plus 9 links (to programs) and 1 wake up program
GLP Function
detailed report
Firmware update: downloadable by a service technician; Display: LCD, 2 lines, 24 characters each; Universal power supply: 90-260 V, 47-63 Hz
Dimensions / Weight
226 x 135 x 390 mm (W x H x D) / 5.3 kg
Technical data is subject to change without notice


Ordering Information

Order No. Article


Smartline Pump 1000
with 10 ml pump head, inert, titanium inlays (new)
A5317 Smartline Manager 5000 (LPG)
with low pressure gradient module (new)


Smartline Eluent tray
incl. 4 one liter bottles with special bottom for minimal eluent remainder (new)
A5313 Smartline Manager 5000 (LPG, Degasser)
with low pressure gradient module and 4-channel analytical degasser (new)

Spare Parts

Order No. Article


Smartline 10 ml Pump Head
with titanium inlays (new)
A0895 RS232 cable (Computer connection cable)
A1408 Check valve, 10 mL / min and 50 mL / min, PEEK, without set of gaskets
A1149 PTFE solvent filter, including hose
** Knauer recommends to exchange the seals A0768, A0982, and A1514, respectively, if piston rods are removed.
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