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HPLC Systems - Analytical Configurations
Low Pressure Gradient Mixing

Quaternary low pressure gradient.

Very accurate pump with electronic pulsation suppression

Online degasser

Range of available detectors




Isocratic Stand-alone System

Complete System with pump, detector, injector and online degasser.

Simple setup

Small footprint

Low price

HPLC Systems - Semi-Preparative Configurations
Optimized for Semi-Prep Purifications

Small footprint pumps with 50ml/min heads

Dynamic mixing chamber


Fraction Collector 

Column switching 



Semi-Prep with Manual Injection

Pumps with 50ml/min heads and electronic pulsation suppression.

Range of detectors 

Online degasser

Dynamic mixing chamber 

Fraction collector 

HPLC Systems - Preparative Configurations
Ultimate Modular System for Preparative HPLC

Preparative pumps with heads; 100ml/min, 250ml/min, 500ml/min, 1L/min.

Feed pump, 50ml/min head.

Column switching

Range of detectors with prep flow cells



Compact Preparative System for Isocratic Separation

Preparative pump with heads; 100ml/min, 250ml/min, 500ml/min, 1L/min.

Small footprint.

Manual injection or feed pump.


HPLC Systems - Special Configurations

Fiber Optic Detectors

Fiber optic detectors are available for both analytical and prep scale

Flow cell separated from equipment can be used in hazardous environments.



Diverse Range of Applications

Column heater available

Interface box - can be used for
external control and for extra

Range of different spectrometers,
RI  detector, Fluorescence, and ELSD.

CHANCE - Worlds Smallest HPLC

 Weight - 3.5 kg 

Footprint -  (4.5" x 7.5"). 

Even a regular car battery or a 90-140 V power supply unit is sufficient to get the system up and running.

The standard pump heads are stainless steel. However to provide biocompatibility, inert ceramic inlays are available.


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