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CHANCE  -- The field-portable, shoebox-sized HPLC 

is the smallest HPLC system in the world used for chemical analysis, biotechnology, and life science applications! It weighs a total of 3.5 kg and takes up a minimal amount of lab space (4.5" x 7.5"). This unbelievably small HPLC system is easily transportable and can be used as a mobile analysis station. Even a regular car battery or a 90-140 V power supply unit is sufficient to get the system up and running.

CHANCE is equipped with a dual-piston HPLC Pump (K-120) and a 254nm fixed wavelength detector (K-200). 
The standard pump heads are stainless steel. However to provide biocompatibility inert ceramic inlays are available. The software is especially optimized for the CHANCE system, to ensure efficient data management and ease-of-use.

The pumps and detectors have a serial RS-232 interface so that it is possible to flexibly control external instruments and process data.

Small, field-portable integrated system for micro-, analytical, and semi-preparative HPLC

Transportable systems for routine HPLC with UV detection; HPLC systems for quality assurance, routine analyses, semi-preparative purification, and biochromatography

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